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Stress, our enemy

Last friday I went to the sea side, where my grandparents have their holiday house. My boyfriend went there by bike, though in the end he made 187km and not around 150 as we thought it will be. But I went there by car and I had my bike with me on one of those bike racks that you fix on a car hitch.

It was not the first time I drove there by myself, neither it was the first time I drove with bike rack on the back, but it was the first time that I had a bike behind on longer distance. And not only that, it was very windy all the way and I know that bike rack isn’t so damn tough as some others are. So I was very nervous all the way, I stopped two times to check if the bike is still holding tight and everything is ok. So it was pretty much the most stressfull experience I’ve ever had.

I came to the finish with no problems, though I was very tired. Next two days my belly started to hurt a bit, but I thought it must have been something wrong with some food I ate or something. But on sunday afternoon it got worse and my head started to hurt, then I had to run to the toilet and after all this I got sick and I had to puke. Then I realised what was wrong. The stress from friday obviously got to me badly! It’s funny because to most people that situation wouldn’t really look like something stressfull, but for me it was.

So my point is just to tell how stress effects our body, sometimes more hidden, but sometimes totally obvious reactions come out. It’s important that we learn how to relax and let our mind find some peace. Unstress yourself! =)

I got better in about two days, but now I know that this kind of situations are my weakness and I have to work on them. I will not let them get to me like this time.

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Go out in nature!

Today I needed to get some sound recordings for my new movie I’m working on. So I headed out in nearest forrest where it’s usually very quiet and usually there is no cars on a rocky road that leads there. But today was different. Like they knew I needed just sounds of pure nature, nearest park just had some sort of concert or something and it was really loud. Though the music was really nice and relaxing, some flutes or something, but I needed nature sounds, not music! So I went a bit further down the road and when I thought there is not much music sounds left some cars started to pass by, then cyclists, then walkers… Damn it!
So I left the road and went deeper in to the forrest, though I didn’t have to go far to get what I wanted. Only pure nature sounds. And to tape the sounds it meant I had to be totally quiet for a while. After a minute of silence I heard some sounds few meters away and it was cute small squirel! It ran a bit, but then I lost sight of her. It must have hide or something. But after another minute I heard another sound a bit further and it was some other squirell that ran over some clearing and up on the tree. It was soooo cute! And then after another minute I heard some weird sounds behind me and there were two squirels fighting and runing away a bit later.

Now that was some experience! I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen so many wild animals just living their ordinary life!
After this I just couldn’t leave. I stayed a bit further and enjoyed in all the energy that was around me, that pure nature energy. It was so relaxing. Then I closed my eyes and just listened to the sounds and it was amazing. Try it some time. It’s really amazing and great experience that we usually don’t do, but I think we should. Nature is part of us and we keep on forgeting it. Just go out, sit down, close your eyes and be quiet. Enjoy the nature!

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Short documentary film: Being Healthy

This is a short documentary film about me and my fighting with Chronic Fatigue Syndrom (CFS). It’s a story about what I went through and how I’m living now to keep the health I got back. Charish your body and notice health when you have it, not only when you don’t!

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Slovenian new Family Code – Yes or No?

So this weekend we are having referendum about the new Family Code. This has been going on for about two years now, and there are always some people that vote for it and some that vote against it, and then they argue about what’s wrong, what’s right and so on… It’s stupid if you ask me. They should stop arguing and just do something about it. Well now it looks like we’re finally going somewhere.
And what is so drastic and new that people here are arguing about?
Well it’s because the new code considers homosexuals almost as equal as heterosexuals. It’s not the same, but it’s quite close. If this Code will be accepted, then homosexuals will be able to sign legal papers that will prove their partnership, though they will not be able to get married. But these papers will still give them much more rights, actually almost as much as if they would get married. And what’s the most drastic change about it? They would be able to adopt a child. So yes, they would be able to live as a family, not only as partners.

What do I think about all this?
I think it’s great. As my friend Valerija Zabret said “You fall in love with a person, not with their genitalia.” And it’s true. And I think if this code get’s accepted homosexuals will be a bit more open and will not hide so much, and also many heterosexual people will probably change their view on this kind of relationships. There is still so many homophobic people, and that’s why I believe we really need a code like this, so people will get used to this and will stop being so judgemental about it.
And what’s the best part of it?
Well as I already said, homosexuals that will sign legal papers about their partnership, will be able to adopt children. Some people say that these kids will be bullied at school and everyone will be making fun of, but I disagree. If that would be the case it’s a problem how “normal parents” raise they children and it obviously shows that they teach their children to be racists. So it’s all about what you learn your kids. And on the other case, aren’t there all kids bullied in some way? Some are targets because they are fat, others are too skiny, then others wear glasses, others are geeks and so on… List is endless.

So yes, I support this new Family Code, because I believe it’s a step toward more equal and tolerant society.

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