Green Heart

It's my life and I'm trying to live it healthy, happy and enviromentaly friendly.

I’m vegan

So I’m vegan and I like it. I’ve been vegan since summer 2011 and so far I’m doing great. I had some health issues in the past so that’s why I started to learn about healthy lifestyle and healthy food. I’ve been a real meat lover once, but after health problems I ate less and less eat every day. When my boyfriend decided to go totally vegan in January 2011, I slowly started to go after his footsteps.

At first it was quite hard, because a lot of people disagreed with this and my mom kept on cooking as usual. She kept on asking me if I’ll eat the same as other members of the family and I kinda didn’t have the guts to say no every time. But during summer months I realized that since I ate meat so rearly for the last months, I kinda started to hate the taste of it. My body just refused it. So it all became clear – I don’t need meat anymore. In September me and my boyfriend moved on our own, so it all became much easier, because now we were cooking for ourselves and there was nobody to control our eating habits.

Now we both love the healthy vegan lifestyle and we love to try new vegan recepies. Sometimes we come across temptations, but it all gets easier when you find a great vegan recipe for the dish that you like. So we are excited about this road we are taking and we love every step of it so far!

I’m trying to promote this lifestyle to other people. I know there is many people that would like to go vegan, but they have the same problems that I had – they don’t have a support and there is too many temptations, so it’s really hard to say no…


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