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Go out in nature!

on April 29, 2012

Today I needed to get some sound recordings for my new movie I’m working on. So I headed out in nearest forrest where it’s usually very quiet and usually there is no cars on a rocky road that leads there. But today was different. Like they knew I needed just sounds of pure nature, nearest park just had some sort of concert or something and it was really loud. Though the music was really nice and relaxing, some flutes or something, but I needed nature sounds, not music! So I went a bit further down the road and when I thought there is not much music sounds left some cars started to pass by, then cyclists, then walkers… Damn it!
So I left the road and went deeper in to the forrest, though I didn’t have to go far to get what I wanted. Only pure nature sounds. And to tape the sounds it meant I had to be totally quiet for a while. After a minute of silence I heard some sounds few meters away and it was cute small squirel! It ran a bit, but then I lost sight of her. It must have hide or something. But after another minute I heard another sound a bit further and it was some other squirell that ran over some clearing and up on the tree. It was soooo cute! And then after another minute I heard some weird sounds behind me and there were two squirels fighting and runing away a bit later.

Now that was some experience! I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen so many wild animals just living their ordinary life!
After this I just couldn’t leave. I stayed a bit further and enjoyed in all the energy that was around me, that pure nature energy. It was so relaxing. Then I closed my eyes and just listened to the sounds and it was amazing. Try it some time. It’s really amazing and great experience that we usually don’t do, but I think we should. Nature is part of us and we keep on forgeting it. Just go out, sit down, close your eyes and be quiet. Enjoy the nature!


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