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It's my life and I'm trying to live it healthy, happy and enviromentaly friendly.

Useful links

Here are some links for everyone that would like to read more about veganism. Maybe you’re a starter and you don’t know which pages could be useful – so here is a list of few websites I gathered during this time.
This website is great if you’re going to eat outside – it contains list of many restaurants and shops that offer vegetarian or vegan dishes. It’s great when you travel!
I think this is the best site with vegan recipes. There is huge variety of foods – snacks, sweets, lunches, pizzas… It’s worth checking even if you’re not vegan!
Site for all vegan travelers – share experiences and tips with other vegans that like to travel.

Here is some references about personal growth, the meaning of life and things like that.

Rhonda Byrne – The Secret
Great start if you don’t know much about these things! The second book is a bit more advanced and it’s called The Power.

Dr. Eric Pearl – The Reconnection
Great start, great explanations and describings of different events and healings!

David Wilcock – Divine Cosmos
A bit advanced, but great knowledge!


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