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Stress, our enemy

on June 7, 2012

Last friday I went to the sea side, where my grandparents have their holiday house. My boyfriend went there by bike, though in the end he made 187km and not around 150 as we thought it will be. But I went there by car and I had my bike with me on one of those bike racks that you fix on a car hitch.

It was not the first time I drove there by myself, neither it was the first time I drove with bike rack on the back, but it was the first time that I had a bike behind on longer distance. And not only that, it was very windy all the way and I know that bike rack isn’t so damn tough as some others are. So I was very nervous all the way, I stopped two times to check if the bike is still holding tight and everything is ok. So it was pretty much the most stressfull experience I’ve ever had.

I came to the finish with no problems, though I was very tired. Next two days my belly started to hurt a bit, but I thought it must have been something wrong with some food I ate or something. But on sunday afternoon it got worse and my head started to hurt, then I had to run to the toilet and after all this I got sick and I had to puke. Then I realised what was wrong. The stress from friday obviously got to me badly! It’s funny because to most people that situation wouldn’t really look like something stressfull, but for me it was.

So my point is just to tell how stress effects our body, sometimes more hidden, but sometimes totally obvious reactions come out. It’s important that we learn how to relax and let our mind find some peace. Unstress yourself! =)

I got better in about two days, but now I know that this kind of situations are my weakness and I have to work on them. I will not let them get to me like this time.


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