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Have your own shopping bag

I remember few years ago, or I guess even few months ago, when you came to the shop and you bought only few things and they’ve put it in a plastic bag… And I thought that was so not ecological. That’s why I decided to make things different and I started to take my own bag with me. So when they wanted to put my stuff in one of their plastic bags I said that I don’t need it and I’ve put things in my own bag. Some people were looking at me like I’m from another planet or something, because I guess they thought it was totally weird not to take the bag. Sadly, they still do this in many shops. I guess this is the most common in shoe or clothes shops. But at least now they don’t look at me like I’m a total weirdo if I say I don’t want a bag.

But I’ve noticed some great changes lately. In more and more shops they ask me if I want a bag or do I have my own. I assume there were more and more people like me, that declined to take their bag. And when they ask me, I proudly say that I don’t need it and that I have my own. =)
In some shops I’ve noticed they even started to give you “eco points” if you don’t take the bag. You know, when you give them that “shop card” where you collect their points and bonuses and so on, well, they give you extra points. And what happened to me few days ago is that there was a line of people at the pay desk. Woman that was first in the line bought only few small things and she said she doesn’t need a bag and she got these “eco points”. Then the next customer said the same and the next one too. Then it was my turn and I said the same. But the woman behind me bought much more stuff than me and customers in before me, so I assumed she will need a bag. And it surprised me when she hesitated with an answer and said she doesn’t need it. Obviously she didn’t have her own bag with her either. So she just packed what she could in her purse and carried the rest in her hands. I guess she wanted those “eco points” too. =D But that’s ok, why not?! I thought that was great. And I do this all the time if it happens I don’t have my own bag. I just put things in my purse and that’s it.
And you wouldn’t believe how amount of plastic bags in your home just starts to reduce. You still get some, but it’s much less.

Also I notice that more and more shops have biodegradable bags now, so that’s a bit more environmentally friendly. And also now you can buy shopping bags that are made with eco-friendly materials and last for a long time, so you can use them for few months or even years. Most of them even have cute and nice designs, so they even contribute some style to your everyday life. =)
And one idea for this – you can sew your own shopping bag with some old clothes – take some old t-shirt or something and redesign it to a bag! =)

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Recycle and reuse

Ok, so most of us are trying to recycle most of the things; plastic, paper, aluminium cans, batteries and all other stuff. That’s great, keep on doing it.

But what if we could reuse items or even make them better as they are? These days I got the need to sew. I don’t know why, I just really wanted it. So I went to the shop and bought myself a sewing set. I’m lucky that my aunt is dressmaker, so she has all these small parts of fabrics lying around her studio. So I asked her to give me some of these pieces that she doesn’t need and that would find their way to the garbage sooner or later.

And here I am, sewing things… I made a tiny textile bag and a sort of textile flower (that looks really awesome as a decoration on my curtain). My new project is a necklace, but I’m still working on it.

So, what’s my point with this blog? I’m trying to let you know that you can recycle and reuse things that would otherwise end up on a refuse dump. In my case, I’m reusing fabric, that isn’t recyclable at all! But many people do great stuff with plastic bottles, jars, aluminium cans, broken electronics and everything else you can imagine.

Take some time, be creative and make something useful and beautiful with things you have laying around. Not to mention that this is really great thing to do with your kids. You teach them to recycle and encourage their creativity and you get to spend some quality time with them. That’s what my family did when I was a kid and I can’t thank them enough for that. It’s great!

Here are some great links that might give you some boost. And I’ll post some photos of the things I’m making when I’ll finish them.

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