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Vegan recipe – Pasta with zucchini

Another simple and fast preperation of pasta, this time very italian style. =)
Strained tomatoes
Himalayan salt
1/2 teaspoon of dried vegetables (Vegeta)
Italian spices (I have some sort of mix)

Cut zucchini on small dices, add some salt and dried vegetables (Vegeta) and roast them on some olive oil. When they soften add the amount of pasta you want, some strained tomato and so much water that it covers almost all pasta. Cook for as long as necessary for pasta to be cooked, but don’t forget to mix few times so everything gets cooked equaly. Right before ending add italian spices.

So, totally simple. =)

Spaghetti with zucchini and strained tomatoes.

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Vegan recipe – Chinese noodles with mushrooms and vegetables

So my boyfriend bought these chinese noodles (vegan of course) and we really like them. Yesterday we made a lunch like this…

Portobello mushrooms
Strained tomatoes
Himalayan salt
1/2 teaspoon of dried vegetables (Vegeta)
Italian spices (I have some sort of mix)
Chinese noodles

Cook vegetables and portobello mushrooms on steam (pour just a bit of water so it doesn’t stick to the bottom) or use some olive oil to cover the bottom of the bowl. Add salt and dried vegetables (Vegeta). Cook for about 10 minutes and then add noodles and some water so the pasta is almost covered with it. Than add some strained tomatoes and the spices. Mix couple of times, so all the noodles cook well. Cook for about 5 minutes, or as much as the noodles need to be done.

That’s it! Some sort of Italian/Chinese style dish. International. =D I hope you’ll like it, I loved it!
Enjoy the meal! =)

You can serve the dish with some fresh green salad, as I did.

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Stress, our enemy

Last friday I went to the sea side, where my grandparents have their holiday house. My boyfriend went there by bike, though in the end he made 187km and not around 150 as we thought it will be. But I went there by car and I had my bike with me on one of those bike racks that you fix on a car hitch.

It was not the first time I drove there by myself, neither it was the first time I drove with bike rack on the back, but it was the first time that I had a bike behind on longer distance. And not only that, it was very windy all the way and I know that bike rack isn’t so damn tough as some others are. So I was very nervous all the way, I stopped two times to check if the bike is still holding tight and everything is ok. So it was pretty much the most stressfull experience I’ve ever had.

I came to the finish with no problems, though I was very tired. Next two days my belly started to hurt a bit, but I thought it must have been something wrong with some food I ate or something. But on sunday afternoon it got worse and my head started to hurt, then I had to run to the toilet and after all this I got sick and I had to puke. Then I realised what was wrong. The stress from friday obviously got to me badly! It’s funny because to most people that situation wouldn’t really look like something stressfull, but for me it was.

So my point is just to tell how stress effects our body, sometimes more hidden, but sometimes totally obvious reactions come out. It’s important that we learn how to relax and let our mind find some peace. Unstress yourself! =)

I got better in about two days, but now I know that this kind of situations are my weakness and I have to work on them. I will not let them get to me like this time.

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Vegan recipe – Mesquite pancakes

So, my boyfriend saw this recipe on a website ekomagazin (text in Slovene language) these days and he just had to try it out. The final result is supposed to be vegan mesquite pancakes, but they became more like “šmorn” as we call it (I couldn’t find the english word for it but in german it’s called kaiserschmarren). It’s like pancakes but in cut in smaller pieces. =)
Even though the shape wasn’t exactly as it is supposed to be, the taste was amazing! These are the best “pancakes” I’ve ever eaten in my life so far. I ate them in combination with some strawberry marmelade and it was great. So I have to say, ordinary pancakes are nothing compared to these vegan ones! =D

2 cups of wholemeal
1/3 cup of mesquite flour
1/3 tea spoons of salt
1 tea spoon of bio baking powder
2 cups of soy/rice milk (it has to be soy or mixture of both, because only rice milk is usually not thick enought)
2 table spoons of chia seeds
some melted coconut fat

First you have to put chia seeds in some water for few hours and then you have to shred or crush them into sort of wet “powder”. This becomes an alternative for eggs.
In large bowl you mix wholemeal, mesquite flour, salt and baking powder. In other bowl you mix soy/rice milk, crushed chia seeds and coconut fat. Slowly add liquid ingredients to dry ones and mix until mass becomes smooth.
Warm up the pan in which you will bake pancakes on medium temperature. Make a coating with coconut fat or some oil on a pan and than pour the mass so it’s enough for one pancake. Bake every pancake for about 1,5 – 2 minutes or for as long it takes for some bubbles to appear on top and the bottom becomes golden colour.

I ate these pancakes with strawberry marmelade, but you can pick whatever you like! =) And you know, if the shape doesn’t become round as it should, it doesn’t matter if the taste is still awesome. =)

Yeah ok, so the shape didn’t come out as it’s supposed to, but the taste was still awesome! =D

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