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Vegan recipe – Mesquite pancakes

on May 13, 2012

So, my boyfriend saw this recipe on a website ekomagazin (text in Slovene language) these days and he just had to try it out. The final result is supposed to be vegan mesquite pancakes, but they became more like “šmorn” as we call it (I couldn’t find the english word for it but in german it’s called kaiserschmarren). It’s like pancakes but in cut in smaller pieces. =)
Even though the shape wasn’t exactly as it is supposed to be, the taste was amazing! These are the best “pancakes” I’ve ever eaten in my life so far. I ate them in combination with some strawberry marmelade and it was great. So I have to say, ordinary pancakes are nothing compared to these vegan ones! =D

2 cups of wholemeal
1/3 cup of mesquite flour
1/3 tea spoons of salt
1 tea spoon of bio baking powder
2 cups of soy/rice milk (it has to be soy or mixture of both, because only rice milk is usually not thick enought)
2 table spoons of chia seeds
some melted coconut fat

First you have to put chia seeds in some water for few hours and then you have to shred or crush them into sort of wet “powder”. This becomes an alternative for eggs.
In large bowl you mix wholemeal, mesquite flour, salt and baking powder. In other bowl you mix soy/rice milk, crushed chia seeds and coconut fat. Slowly add liquid ingredients to dry ones and mix until mass becomes smooth.
Warm up the pan in which you will bake pancakes on medium temperature. Make a coating with coconut fat or some oil on a pan and than pour the mass so it’s enough for one pancake. Bake every pancake for about 1,5 – 2 minutes or for as long it takes for some bubbles to appear on top and the bottom becomes golden colour.

I ate these pancakes with strawberry marmelade, but you can pick whatever you like! =) And you know, if the shape doesn’t become round as it should, it doesn’t matter if the taste is still awesome. =)

Yeah ok, so the shape didn’t come out as it’s supposed to, but the taste was still awesome! =D


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