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What kind of bottles to use?

on April 15, 2012

I notice that many people in school or at work don’t carry any liquid with them. And this is exactly why so many people dehydrate, or just don’t drink enough water which can lead to many health problems in future. I know how these things go, I was one of these people once.

Then in high school I started to carry plastic bottle with me more often and when it was empty I refilled it with tap water (which is in most cases totally ok and sometimes even better than water you buy in shops). This is how I started to take care I really drink about 2-3 liters of liquid daily. But then more and more articles came out about the dangers of these plastic bottles. The biggest problem is that they have Bisphenol A (BPA), that is actually dangerous for us. I didn’t know what else can I do, so I continued drinking water from plastic bottle.
And beside the health issues, I don’t think we have to mention the problem of recycling and the price of buying plastic bottles… When you calculate how much it costs and how often you buy it… Yeah, let’s leave it. =)

Soon it was my birthday and I got one great present – quality plastic bottle that was BPA free. I was really thrilled about it and I started to carry it with me all the time. To school, when shopping, when going out… I mean all the time! But there was one problem… After few months of use it started to taste weird and I just couldn’t clean it as well as before. So I guess that showed it’s still just plastic.

Next step was a small glass bottle, that even had a name Emil die Flasche (Emil the bottle). I was using it probably for a whole year or so. But minus was that it didn’t have any protection, none at all. So it happened on a train; I accidentally droped it on a floor and that was the end of the happy relationship we had.

At that point I really couldn’t live without quality bottle anymore. It was my companion everywhere, all the time and it was even on my night table while I was sleeping, in case I’d wake up and be thirsty.
So it was only natural that I needed to buy myself a new bottle. And I did. I bought myself a great Slovenian product called Flaška. It is a glass bottle with 71% silicon-dioxide (the usual amount of silicon-dioxidein glass), but the difference is that Flaška is made out of informed glass. This way even ordinary tap water becomes quality water. Ok, so it’s still a glass bottle that can break, but here you get some protection “suits” for them, so there is some more safety. I really recommend it. And yeah, ok, it’s not the cheapest, but I’m sure it’s quality and you’ll have it for quite a while if you don’t break it. =)


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