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Be grateful

on March 20, 2012

I believe we should be grateful for everything we have; for materialistic things that make our life easier (or maybe not, but we still have them), for all the experiences that we go through (no matter, good or bad, we still get the chance to be part of them and take them as a learning process) and of course for the people in our life! All the people that are part of our lifes are not there by accident, they are there with a reason. We meet them because we need to learn something from them. Sometimes we realise that after few moments, sometimes it takes ages, but I’m sure that in any way, every person that we meet has some sort of impact on our life, it’s all for a reason.

It might sound a bit weird to some people and I’m not a Christian or anything like that, but I like to express my gratitude. When this year started me and my boyfriend decided that we would express our gratitude every time we have lunch. So before we start eating, we say thanks for the food, for the home, for the people and other stuff that we feel grateful at that time. And it’s not just about saying it, but feeling it. You have to really feel grateful. And I believe this is really a great way to forget about the things you don’t have, but instead you concentrate on the things you have, and then you realise you really don’t need so much more. =) But on the other side, there is a saying in Slovenia, that I don’t know how it goes in English, but translated would be like “Whoever isn’t satisfied with small things, it’s not worth of big ones.”


2 responses to “Be grateful

  1. Beautiful post, I just love the proverb 🙂

    • Anja says:

      Thanks! =) Well in Slovenian language it’s “Kdor z malim ni zadovoljen, velikega vreden ni.” – it sounds much better than my translation in english… =D

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