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Vegans eat healthy food… really?

on March 16, 2012

Very often I hear people say that our diets should be balanced and that we should eat a bit of everything. And when you say you’re a vegan they attack you and try to tell you that our body needs meat and milk and other animal-based food. Well sorry, many researches tell different story and it’s been proven from so many sources that you don’t need all of these food to get all the vitamins, minerals and fibers that our body needs. You just need to check which plant-based food contains things you would usually get in animal-based products.
But there comes that “balanced diet” thing again… Isn’t it weird that they are saying this mostly when it comes to vegan diet (though I don’t take it as a diet but rather as a lifestyle)? It’s like people that eat meat don’t have to worry about eating habits. You know, nobody bothers them because they eat meat. But on the other side, how much fruit and vegetables do they eat? I know some people that don’t eat a bit of vegetables or fruits in a whole day, or even few following days! But that’s ok… they eat meat so it doesn’t matter…
Well wake up, the fact is that you can get all the things your body needs in plant-based diet! So I just wish people would stop judging vegans for their decision. It’s like they are jelous of us, because we decided to make a difference, we dared to make some sort of change, but they are scared of it. It’s normal that we are scared of things that we don’t know, but come on, this diet has been proven very healthy from so many people, and not to mention how many nations and cultures live like this for centuries?!

But as a title of this post says, not every vegan eats healthy, just as not every meat-eater or any other eater does. Some vegans still go to fast food restaurants and order french fries or they think that if they order fried tofu or seitan with it, it’s ok. Food fried in tons of oil is never heathy, as well as eating a lot of white bread and so on… This is not healthy living. Healthy eating means you eat a lot of raw foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts…) and less cooked food. The food that is cooked should not be fried, but try to steam it. And in any way, try to use as less oil as possible! And replace white flour with some other, wholegrain. I could write bunch of other things, but I guess I made things clear enough.

Also people like to judge us for sharing our thoughts about veganism. They feel attacked by us. Well, some vegetarians and vegans like to be a bit pushy and think that by force, they will convience people to change their diets. But most of us just peacefully share our thoughts and still get attacked by meat-eaters. I guess they are the ones with problems and they decided to read our blogs and so on. Try to be open-minded and respect variety and most of all respect others.


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