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Bring In Take Out Living Archive

on March 13, 2012

7. – 10. March 2012, there was the International Feminist and Queer Festival Red Dawns in Ljubljana. I was invited to take care of video documentation for a group Red Min(e)d and the events that were organised by them BringInTakeOutLivingArchive. As I support equality and diversity I was excited to be part of this. I had to film these events and them edit them and put them online. This is the result.

So this was the first event I filmed and it’s about Real-time Documentary Embroidery, which I find very interesting. I knew about this sort of art, but I have never heard about Documentary Embroidery, so this was something new.

This was a protest of Red Min(e)d group, where they wanted to remember us of all the women that fought for their rights in the past. This is what they say about it:
“With the guerrilla action on the International Women’s Day we were calling for resistance movements against all forms of social repression and economic exploitation by remembering the famous slogan of the textile women workers’ strike in Lawrence, Massachusetts on 8th of March, 1912: We want bread, and roses too. We joined the Movement 150 which on that day blocked some of the banks in the Ljubljana centre.”

This two videos represent an exhibition of Margareta Kern from London. Her topic was migrant women from former Yugoslavia and their stories about leaving their country and moving to Berlin, Germany. I think this is really interesting topic and it was very eyes-opening experience to see this exhibition and to read some letters of these women. This is part of my history too, so I think it’s quite important to know what was going on in your own country. We like to judge people that move to other countries in hope for better life, but we usually don’t ask ourselves what made them do it. For most of them it was not easy to leave, but they still did… So here are the videos from this event.


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