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International Woman’s Day

on March 8, 2012

Happy international woman’s day to all of us! =)
Don’t worry, I’m not some sort of crazy feminist movement supporter, but I am a female, so I think it’s ok if I have my own opinion about this kind of things. I think today is a great day to think about our rights and our place in society. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything that would put me on some sort of lower position as a woman, but I know these things happen. So I’ll just say that we are all flash and blood, we are all people, no matter which sex, sexual orientation, skin color, religious beliefs or country we come from. We are the same and everyone should know that. Too bad some people still don’t see it this way and too bad in some societies women are still treated as an object, with no rights and no place in public. I believe some day this will change, I would just like it to be soon, so everyone will be able to live as they want to. All, men and women should live in harmony and respect each other and all should have the same rights.
RESPECT each other, SUPPORT each other, HELP each other and most of all – LOVE each other!


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