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Bamboo fabric

on February 26, 2012


“Bamboo fabric or bamboo textile is made from bamboo fibers. Bamboo as raw materials has many benefits compared to organic cotton. Bamboo can reach up to 35 meters tall and is the fastest growing wood plant on the earth. Bamboo is a grass family and the species could be found in many climates zones from cold mountains to tropical regions anywhere in the world. Since bamboo has high growth rate and the fact that bamboo can grow anywhere in the world, that makes bamboo plant a sustainable, environmentally friendly and resourceful for fabric production.

Bamboo can grow well naturally without using any pesticide. It is rarely eaten by pests or infected by pathogen. Further, bamboo fabric has natural anti-bacteria properties. Scientists found that bamboo owns a unique anti-bacteria and bacteriostatic bio-agent named “bamboo kun”. The finding is validated by Japan Textile Inspection Association. For instance even after fifty times of washing, bamboo fabric still possesses excellent function of anti-bacteria.”

How does it feel wearing the Bamboo Fabric?
“Bamboo fabric is extremely soft and when you wear it, is like wearing cashmere. Bamboo fabric is smooth and luxuriously comfortable. If we see the bamboo fabric at a microscopic level, bamboo fiber has a round smooth surface. That is the reason why when we wear it, we’ll feel its smoothness and sits perfectly next to our skin.

Bamboo fabric wicks away moisture keeping you comfortable and dry. Bamboo fabric wicks away moisture from the body which then evaporates, keeping you naturally drier and more comfortable. In material tests by few companies, organic bamboo fabric (100% bamboo fiber) absorb water more than organic cotton (100% cotton fiber) approximately 1.8 times more.”

“Bamboo fabric is breathable because the cross-section of the bamboo fiber is filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes. Bamboo clothing is strong and durable. Few tests show that bamboo fiber has a high abrasion-proof capacity and also tenacity.

Bamboo fabric is good for sensitive of allergy prone skin because no chemical treatments which can irritate skin. The fiber is smooth and round and thus non-irritant. Bamboo fabric achieved a score of 50 on the UPF scale (Ultraviolet Protection Scale). This is the amount to a 98% reduction of UV activity reaching your skin.”

Care of Bamboo Fabric

“Bamboo clothing could be washed with cold to warm water up to 60° Celsius or 140° Fahrenheit with a gentle detergent, free of bleach.” It’s best if you use more natural detergents.
“Line drying in the sun is the best, if it is possible, except of fabrics containing vegetable dye, that should be dried away from direct sunlight. Machine drying is good but don’t overdo it. Over drying can result in damaged fabrics.”


I have to admit, bamboo clothing is really amazing. It is perfect substitute for all those synthetic sport clothes and it’s especially great for people with allergies.

There are more and more companies that offer bamboo fabric and clothing, but me and my boyfriend are buying it from Slovenian company:


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