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Fruit of the day – Kiwi

on February 12, 2012

Maybe I’m a bit late with this, because the season of kiwifruit is coming to an end, but better late than never. This fruit is really tasty and simple to consume. You can peel it or you can just cut it in half and use a tea spoon to carve the eatable part out. You pick what you prefer. I usually peel it and cut it on slices.
It’s recommended to eat about 2 or 3 kiwis per day, and I see this fruit is especially great for breakfast. It hydrates your body (your body dehydrates overnight) and gives you many vitamins for great start of the day.

So what are the benefits of kiwi?
– Protects your body from infections;
– Strengthens immune system;
– Contributes to bone growth;
– Stops gum bleeding;
– Helps with periodontitis;
– Accelerates muscle activity (especially heart muscle);
– Strengthens veins and connective tissues;

It contains:
– Some B-complex vitamins (especially B6);
– Vitamin C;
– Vitamin E;
– Vitamin K;
– Potassium;
– Carbohydrates;
– Flavonoid antioxidants
– Alpha-linolenic acid;


One response to “Fruit of the day – Kiwi

  1. stillmindzen says:

    Yes, Kiwis certainly are one of nature’s super foods.

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