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Spirituality: Personal Spiritual Development

on January 30, 2012

I’ve always been interested in things we could call paranormal. Since I was a kid I always wanted to know more about ghosts, aliens, souls, space and how these things work. It’s interesting that I wasn’t raised in religious family, nobody, not even my grandparents were visiting church (except when they were kids, when this was almost a must-do). And it’s not that they were atheists, but they just didn’t share the same idea as the church.

And as I grew I kept on questioning myself: “What is God? Is there a God? Which God of all religions is the right one, or are these just different names for the same thing?” Well I’ve been reading books, watching movies and documentaries and so on, and it looks like all the great minds say one thing – there is God. And I’ve always been imagining God as Catholic church represented it – old men with white beard up in the sky. But it’s not like that. God is in fact energy, light, LOVE. It’s the highest and purest thing ever.

I watched this video yesterday, that I believe is great and simple explanation of who we are and what is our purpose here on Earth. I already knew many of the things that are said in it, but it’s still so encouraging and really gives you some boost to keep on trying.

So some of you will say I’m crazy religious maniac, some of you will say I’m naive and that’s ok. You’re allowed to think that. I thought that when I was younger too. I was interested in these things, but I just didn’t get them. I do now. And I’ll try to get more knowledge and I’ll try to work on myself as much as possible. I’ll allow myself and my soul to grow.

Here are some references that I recommend if you want to know more. Some you may know already, some might be new, and some may be worth to mention but I don’t remember them at this moment or I don’t know about them yet, so they are not on the list. =) I’ll be updating this in future in my “useful links” section.

Rhonda Byrne – The Secret; Great start if you don’t know much about these things! The second book is a bit more advanced and it’s called The Power.
Dr. Eric Pearl – The Reconnection; Great start, great explanations and describings of different events and healings!
David Wilcock – Divine Cosmos; A bit advanced stuff, but great knowledge!


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