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What is Fair trade?

on January 25, 2012

Sometimes I see a product in a shop and I say: “Oh great, it’s fair trade! That’s a plus!” And people ask me: “What do you mean? What is fair trade?”
It looks like that many people still don’t know this term and what it means. That’s why I decided I’ll write short simple blog post about it.

“Fair trade is an organized social movement and market-based approach that aims to help producers in developing countries to make better trading conditions and promote sustainability.” Source
This simply means that product with this label was produced the way everyone in the chain got fair payment and worked in normal conditions. So prices of products with this label usually have a bit higher prices, but that’s how you know you’re supporting better conditions for the workers – especially the ones from developing countries.
Products that are usually labeled with fair trade include coffee, cocoa, chocolate, sugar, tea, bananas, honey, cotton, wine, fresh fruit, handicrafts, and gold. This is because we get most of these products from developing countries, where working conditions are often very bad.

Think about how much you can help if you support this movement and how many people live and work in better conditions because of this. Try to buy more products with this label, even if it means you have to pay a little extra – usually few cents less in our wallet won’t make us poor, but they can mean a lot to someone else!


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