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What is air ioniser?

on January 23, 2012

Most people don’t know what air ioniser is, but I came across the thing couple of years ago. We use it regularly and it really makes the air much fresher and healthier.

So what is this air ioniser I’m talking about? Well it’s electrical device that changes ions in air. It uses electricity to charge molecules in the air and so it generates negative ions that are better for our health. Many electrical devices create positive ions that are not good for us, so air ionisers change that and make these negative.

Air ionisers have positive effects on our health and it’s said to be really effective with treating the seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and mild depression. I can say from my experience that it helped me gain concentration so I was able to learn easier and it also helped me get in better mood when I was a bit low energy and sad.
I must say I really like the smell of air when ioniser is turned on. It makes sort of fresh air, almost like being somewhere in nature where you know air is really clean and healthy. This device is so useful now in winter when windows are closed most of the time and there is not so much fresh air from outside. I really recommend it, especially to people that spend a lot of time indoors. You know, working on a computer in a closed office for most of the day really doesn’t make the air very breathable – why don’t you put ioniser in your office? =)


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