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Fruit of the day – Banana

on January 9, 2012

Ok, so it’s not really a season of bananas, because we always get them from other countries and so they are available in shops all year. But winter time is especially good for eating bananas. They are really great fruit and offer many benefits to your body. People that are very active include bananas on their daily menu, especially before workouts. But be careful – you’re not supposed to eat bananas that are still green (that’s what you often see in supermarkets), this fruit is meant to be eaten when it’s yellow. Also this fruits are often sprayed with pesticides, so it’s better to wash them, even though you peel them before eating.

So what are the benefits of bananas?
– Prevent and have healing effects at high blood pressure;
– Reduce strokes;
– Drain liquid out of the body;
– Reduce body weight;
– Detoxify body;
– Healing of gastric mucosa;
– Lower cholesterol levels;
– Strengthen immune system;
– Help with insomnia;
– Help relax your nerve system;
– Increase energy;
– Stop constipation;

It contains:
– Carbohydrates;
– Protein;
– Vitamin A;
– B-complex vitamins;
– Vitamin C;
– Calcium;
– Iron;
– Magnesium;
– Potassium;

I found a great article about bananas on lifescript, that will give you a lot more information about this fruit.


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