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Fruit of the day – Orange

on January 5, 2012

It’s season of oranges, so it’s time to write something about this great fruit. When you’re buying oranges it’s important that you wash them with water and some baking soda, because usually they are sprayed with different insecticides. Or just buy bio oranges and avoid these problems.
I’m sure there is a lot more that could be written about this fruit, but here are just some well known facts, that some maybe don’t know yet.

So what are the benefits of oranges?

– Strengthen immune system;
– Antioxidants;
– Increase your metabolism;
– Help control heart rate;
– Help control blood pressure;
– Vitalize your body;
– Increase your concentration;
– Activation of all glands;
– Increase of sex drive and potency;
– They stop gum or nose bleeding;
– Help at weight loss;

It contains:
– Carbohydrates;
– Vitamin A;
– Vitamin C;
– B-complex vitamins;
– Potassium;
– Calcium;
– Pectin;


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