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10 Tips – to make your eating habits healthier

on January 4, 2012

So here’s few simple tips that can make your existing eating habits healthier, if you’re vegan or not. I could write a bunch of other tips here, but I think these are kinda the basics and they are easy but still make a huge change in your health.
1. Olive oil – use it instead of ordinary one – use as less oil as possible;
2. Lemons – freshly squeezed are great and healthy replacement of of vinegar;
3. Himalayan salt – use it instead of sea – it has more minerals; be aware that Himalayan salt is supposed to be a bit orange/red, so more strong cololour it is, better the quality;
4. Stevia – is the heathiest known sugar, so it’s a great replacement, but anyway, try do avoid sugar;
5. Wholegrain flour – avoid white flour and replace it with wholegrain – try spelt, oat, rye or other similar wholegrain flours; but try to avoid grains as much as possible because they lead to body acidification.
6. Soy milk – instead of cow milk, use soy, rice or other types of plant-based milks;
7. Tea – instead of drinking coffee, drink green or black tea and instead of drinking juice try some herbal or fruit teas – and try to avoid sugar;
8. Dried fruits – if you feel like eating something sweet, try eating dried fruits instead, they are sweet, but much healthier than candy;
9. Nuts – instead of salty peanuts and other similar nuts, try eating raw or just roasted ones;
10. Dark chocolate – if you’re like me, and you really love chocolate, than replace milk chocolate with dark chocolate – I’d recommend something between 70-90%;


One response to “10 Tips – to make your eating habits healthier

  1. Good detailed numbers comparing different food groups and types of food.

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