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Clay – Natural cleaner

on January 3, 2012

Have you ever used clay as a cleaner of your body? Natural clay is well known for it’s positive effects on body and it’s great cleaner when you want to get rid of toxins that dwell in you, and it’s specially good with cleaning intestine.
I recommend use of clay few times a year, to those that eat more processed foods, I’d recommend it to use even more often! And it’s specially great if you already feel that your body is a bit full of unnecessary stuff and you maybe feel like you’ll get ill.

Where do you get clay? Well clay is now found in pharmacies, specialized stores and even in some supermarkets. It’s really not hard to get it, but try to make sure to buy a quality one – if you go to pharmacy or specialized store, I’m sure they’ll be able to tell you which one is the best and what’s the difference between them.

How do I prepare it? You prepare it in the evening, I usually prepare it before I go to bed. You have to use ceramic, glass or wood materials when you’re working with clay, because clay reacts with other materials (specially with metals!). So you put a tea-spoon (again, it has to be ceramic, glass, wood and if you don’t have anything like that, I think a quality plastic would go aswell) of clay into a glass. Put some water over it (I usually put about 1,5 dl) and leave it – let the clay fall on the bottom of a glass. You drink it up in the morning, before you eat or drink anything! You can mix the clay, or if you really can’t drink all that “sand”, don’t mix it and atleast drink the water, and maybe it would be easier for you to drink the dregs on the bottom. Find which of this one suites you the best, but be aware that the effects are better if you drink the “sand”.

Can I use it every day? Use of clay is recommended regullary, but not every day. It’s recommended it you drink it daily for a week, and than make weekly pause, then drink it for two weeks, and make a two weeks pause, then I’d recommend this kind of use – 2 weeks with clay, 2 weeks without – but as you wish, you can make longer pauses, just don’t drink it all the time without pause because the clay is a powerful cleaner and it would clean not just the toxins but also many important things that are in your body.

I’m not an expert, I’m just somebody with experiences. So I recommend you read more about clay on the internet, read some books or articles and if you’re still not sure, ask a professionals for their opinion.
I wish you all a great cleaning! =)


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